Loving The Body You’re In.

At some points in our life, we are all guilty of being overly critical about our bodies. Like looking into a mirror and thinking about things holding you back from fitting into the perfect ideal you have in your mind — pimples, color, spots/wrinkleshair, body weight, and much more along the way. You may tell yourself if only these things were fixed, you would have been perfect. Then you would have the courage to ask your crush on a date or to go for your dream job. The perception you have in your mind about your body sticks to your personality that far – that it holds you back from achieving the things you’re capable of. 

However, at some point, all of this has to stop. There comes a time when you are tired of doing things and remember when you have been criticizing yourself for years but nothing worked. That is the time when you try approving of yourself and see the magic happening!  

Your body is amazing, it’s capable of doing wonders. It helps you breathe, move, and smell. So it is recognized for the things it does rather than being reduced in weight for a dress. Learn to love your body you are in — every time is good for a start!  

  • Stop Criticizing Yourself 

The first thing that you need to do is to stop self-hating yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror, stop worrying about the dark circles under your eyes or how fat you are looking in a dress. Instead of thinking, “I hate my skinny legs”, say “I look smart in these jeans”. Be optimistic about yourself – it’s a key to a happy life! When someone compliments you, don’t get under-confident or put yourself down in response. Instead, be polite and talk about yourself with love. When you treat yourself with love, others treat you with love too.  

  • Treat Yourself The Way You Treat Others. 

It’s very easy to criticize yourself and be hateful about your body. You have no problem saying that ‘your hands are ugly’, or your ‘dress looks bad’, but would you bestow the same critics on loved ones? Probably not. Make a point in not treating yourself differently than you treat your loved ones. Treat yourself and your body just the way you want your loved ones to be treated by others. 

  • Pay Attention To Your Feelings. 

If you feel good about your body and it feels light and perfect to you, then it doesn’t matter what the scale says or what others are thinking. Focus on the things you feel, not about the things that others will feel or think. Do you love eating ice-cream cone in the street? But can’t eat it because you think ‘what people will think’, right? Why do you think about others? If you will think about what others will think, then what others will think? Haha, it might not make sense to you but the thing is ‘if you like doing anything, then do it! Feel free like a child and enjoy it! When you start focusing on your happiness and feelings, you automatically become confident and feel great in how you are. 

  • Stop Comparisons With Others. 

This is the worst thing you do to yourself. By calling it a girl crush, you start comparing yourself with others. There are people who we envy for their physical appearances, nature, or wellbeing. But the habit of comparing yourself with them is dangerous. When you develop a habit of comparing yourself with others, you self-destroy yourself by trying to be like them. Not only does it makes you feel jealous or competitive against the person, but it makes you under-confident and unable to accomplish your goals. Remember the very person who seems perfect to you has its insecurities and complexities. No one is perfect, if they have one thing then they might lack others. So, be happy and confident in what you have and how you are!  

  • Do Things That Make You Happy. 

Do things which make you feel good and happy. Taking a long bath, lather yourself with coconut oil, sleeping in a gym suit, dancing in the middle of a day, taking a music class, or cooking – do whatever that makes you feel good about yourself. When you will start living as you want and you will be happy in being yourself, all the negativity and self-hate will begin to diminish. So what’s the delay?  Start your journey towards ‘loving the body you are in’ and everything will be perfect itself

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