Feeling Beautiful And Sexy In Whatever You Put On.

Beauty Isn’t Physical 

Beauty is not about being perfect, wearing expensive clothes, using the high-end makeup products, or getting regular facials/manicure, etchowever, these things are important but not that much. For feeling beautiful and sexy, the most important thing is to be confident. When you are confident about yourself, confident about the things you have, or the clothes you put – everyone appreciates you. For feeling beautiful and sexy, you don’t need expensive clothes but the courage to accept yourself the way you are. Don’t see people and start comparing yourself that what if you get what they have, or what if you have the same clothes or accessories – think that what so ever you have, or whatever you have put on is best. When you think optimistic about yourself and your clothes, people automatically start complimenting you.  

The World Of Today 

Today’s world is like an exhibition where people showcase themselves and others judge them based on ‘what they are wearing’, ‘which car they own’, and ‘how much money they spend on vacations’, etc. In the world like this, harder to be satisfied with what you have. People are constantly being bombarded by fake and unachievable beauty. But remember, the beauty and sexiness that is portrayed in the media, ads, or even in the real world – it’s ideally unrealistic. The images or the beauty you see on the social media/ads are all photo-shopped, heavily airbrushed, or filtered. People looking perfect to you have a real spot-full face beneath the makeup, the dreamy clothes that are catching your eye might be robbed. Who knows? When you compare yourself with unrealistic beauty, you end up hurting yourself and this is not the right thing. 

Feel Beautiful!  

To feel beautiful and sexy, be yourself. Feel great in whatever you put on and be confident in it. If you are wearing old fashioned clothes but you like them, do wear them. You shouldn’t give anyone the chance to judge you. But still, if someone does, do answer them rightly. Fashion is what you make. When you wear something confidently, it becomes a fashion. So from now on, don’t ever compare yourself with others. Never think that these clothes would have looked good on me. Think that ‘I am the most beautiful and sexiest person out there’. It’s a victory!  

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