5-10 Minute Yoga In The Morning To Stay Healthy.

Need a pick-me-up? If you are feeling a little low after waking, it’s tempting to order breakfast, video calling your best friend or to-go shopping, but putting 5-10 minutes aside to practice yoga in the morning could transform your mood and health – in a lot more ways than you think. 

According to the latest research, yoga helps decrease the secretion of cortisol (stress hormone), which in turn helps in improving your overall health. Wherever you have to go and whatever your plans are for the day, it’s easy to squeeze in just 5-10 minutes of yoga practice in the morning. Here are 10 reasons how yoga keeps you healthy and why it’s worth it: 

  1. ImproveBody Strength,Flexibility, And Posture 

Morning yoga practice helps you tone and stretch your body muscles and keeps you fresh throughout the day. Popular posts like planks help in strengthening your shoulders, abs, arms, and even legs. You don’t need to have a flexible body for doing yoga, it’s the beauty of yoga that everyone with all levels of ability can do it. By practicing certain yoga poses like a downward-facing dog and the warrior, you will soon start feeling the difference in your body’s flexibility – whether you’re pretty bendy already or not at allMorning yoga helps in improving your body posture, makes you walk taller, and sit up straighterBy doing yoga in the morning, your body aches and pains will also be alleviated and you will be completely ready for the day! 

  1. Keeps Your Overall Fit.

When it comes to fitness or improving your body, most of us start thinking about the huffing and puffing at the gym. However, weights are not the only thing helpful in keeping you fit. A morning yoga gives you all that fitness which a gym can, but more holistically and peacefully. Yoga combines the aspects of strength, cardio, and functional training – all together. What else do you need? The best part about doing yoga is that it can be done at your place, without any noise and other issues. 

  1. It Helps In Weight Loss.

You don’t need to do hot yoga, or get crazy on yoga for losing weight. A 5-10 minute morning yoga fuel the metabolic system of your body that further helps in burning fat – leading to weight loss. Yoga also helps in restoring the hormonal balance in your body, which is also helpful in normalizing your body weight. 

  1. IncreasesYourBody Energy. 

Just 5-10 minutes of yoga in the morning provides you with that much-needed energy boost and keeps you fit as a fiddle. Yoga with its unique synergy of body and breathwork is perfect at times when you’re feeling a little low and dull. 

Morning yoga practice stirs the main energy centers (called chakras) in your body. There are different poses in yoga for extra energy, such as the tree pose helps in circulating the energy throughout the body, and cobra pose (that open the chest), encourages the intake of more breath. 

  1. Reduce Stress.

According to various researches, yoga is proved to be a great stress buster. A yoga practice, even short or long, comprises three elements; poses, breathing, and meditation. Studies have shown that people who practice all these elements into their morning yoga are better able to regulate their heart-rate variability (HRV). This generally means that in the condition of low heart rate, their body will be able to respond to stress more flexibly.  

  1. It Helps With Better Breathing. 

Deep and calm breathing is an essential element of yoga. Yogic breathing techniques are very helpful in slowing down your breath and helps you in breathing completely – from your stomach’s pit to the top of your lungs. Morning yoga helps you a lot in feeling relaxed and balanced that you will be able to face your entire day with calmness and confidence. Breathing yoga also has some side benefits like increased lung capacity and more tidal volume (the total amount of air that your lungs are capable of holding at once). Breathing yoga can help you stay calm in hours of an emergency, and make you think clearer even in stressful situations. 

  1. It Helps You Be Happier

By adding a few poses in your daily 5-10 minutes morning yoga, you can make yourself an emotionally stronger and happier person. According to a recent study, morning yoga practice results in increased levels of serotonin (the happiness hormone). 

  1. You Become More Mindful.

Yoga and mindfulness go along. When you practice yoga, you shift your entire mind, the sensations, thoughts, and emotions to that specific pose. That awareness brings your mind back to the present moment – it’s the main aim of mindfulness and it helps in staying focused and happy. 

By practicing mindfulness, most of people have witnessed different physical and psychological benefits. Yoga makes you feel calm, relaxed, and less anxious. When you practice yoga, you automatically experience self-acceptance, self-confidence, and higher levels of energy and enthusiasm. 

  1. It ImprovesConcentration AndHelps You Think Clearer. 

By practicing yoga, you concentrate on your breathing. The process of concentrating on your breath calms your mind and helps you feel relaxed. As a result of this mental relaxation, you can recollect and retain more information and stay focused on thingsYoga meditating for just 5-10 minutes in the morning can result in better concentration throughout the day. So what’s the delay?  

  1. It Helps You Live Longer

As it’s clean now that morning yoga helps with your fitness, keeps you happier, regulates your heart perfectly, and reduces your stress levels. All of these factors are responsible for controlling your life years. 

It’s also known that yoga decreases the risk of heart disease, and reduces the pace of your breathing which is directly linked to your life’s span. According to a recent study, yoga meditation helps the process of aging by protecting the telomeres (caps) aour chromosomes’ ends. 

How many more excuses do you need for hitting the yoga mat? Start your morning yoga today and be healthy and happy! 

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